Lexicography and linguistics at FAU

Dictionaries of Linguistics and Communication Science

The series Dictionaries of Linguistics and Communication Science (WSK) was founded by Herbert Ernst Wiegand and Stefan J. Schierholz in 2004 and is currently edited by Stefan J. Schierholz at De Gruyter publishing house. It is a major project, which will substantially improve the supply with specialized lexicography in the interconnected fields of Linguistics and Communication Science. It comprises about 800 authors and volume editors working on 14 volumes that contain more than 30,000 lemmas. For these there are about 15, 000 specialized dictionary article texts already that have been published online.

The volume WSK-1 Grammatik (en. WSK-1 Grammar) is edited by Pál Uzonyi and Stefan J. Schierholz. In 2020, the work on its almost 4,500 dictionary articles was completed. The print version, which is to be published in two volumes in 2021 – morphology and syntax – is currently being prepared.


Substantivvalenzwörterbuch (en. dictionary of noun valency)

The Erlangen Substantivvalenzwörterbuch (en. dictionary of noun valency) holds 1,702 nouns that appear in corpora showing a high frequency of prepositional attribute constructions with a case government of the noun. Every dictionary article contains the lexicographic information that is necessary to produce a prepositional attribute construction in a grammatically correct way. The following German governing prepositions have been completed and are included in the dictionary: an, auf, aus, für, gegen, gegenüber, in, mit, nach, über, um, unter, von, vor, zu, zwischen.