A8 – Lexicography and lexicology


The EMLex offers a diverse spectrum of teachers & lecturers from around the globe. This course will be held by:

Prof. Dr. Éva Buchi

Université de Lorraine

Prof. Dr. Tinatin Margalitadze

Ilia State University



This module offers the opportunity, based on selected texts, theoretical presentations, and practical assignments, to develop an awareness of divergences between lexical analysis and lexicographical description, particularly in the domain of semantics and etymology. Topics to be treated in this module include:

  1. Lexical meaning and lexicographic definition
  2. Polysemy and its lexicographic description
  3. Lexical functions
  4. Phraseology from a lexicological and a lexicographical point of view
  5. From scientific etymology to etymological information in general language dictionaries

Please see the module description for further information.


Guest lecturers:

Monday 21.06.

  • Dr. Philip Durkin (Oxford English Dictionary): Using data from etymological and historical dictionaries in lexicological research, and in the digital humanities

Tuesday 22.06.

  • Prof. em. Dr. Steven N. Dworkin (University of Michigan): The content and structure of entries in etymological and historical dictionaries


  • EMLex guest speaker series (public lecture): Dr. Bridgitte Le Du (Dictionary Unit for South African English, Rhodes University): The application of User Experience (UX) design to online lexicography: some guiding principles from the digitisation of the Dictionary of South African English on Historical Principles

Wednesday 23.06.

  • Prof. em. Dr. Steven N. Dworkin (Workshop): The diachronic analysis of lexical data as found in texts and corpora


General information:

Time frame
Room on Zoom
Evaluation method written final exam (120 minutes)
Teaching language English


Information on the EMLex 2021 Summer school:

Practical arrangements: Participants will receive a course schedule via e-mail in due time before the course, as well as the relevant literature and references for presentation topics. The classes will mostly be moderated by the lecturers and the guest lecturers, to some extent also by the students.

Certificate: There are two alternatives to get an EMLex 2021 summer school certificate – (a) without grade: oral presentation of a topic and active participation in discussions and (b) with grade: oral presentation of a topic plus a final exam (120 minutes) on May 25.



Teacher Synchronic part: Margalitadze

Teacher Diachronic part: Buchi

Time/day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:30 General introduction Diachronic part 2 Synchronic part 4 Diachronic part 5 Diachronic part 6
11:00-12:30 Synchronic part 1 Synchronic part 2 Diachronic part 3 Synchronic part 5 Q&A session
Lunch break
2:00-3:30 Lecture Philip Durkin Lecture Steven N. Dworkin Workshop Steven N. Dworkin Synchronic part 6 Written final exam (-16:00)
4:00-5:30 Diachronic part 1 Synchronic part 3 Diachronic part 4
6:00-7:30 Bridgitte Le Du