Collection of useful links

Here you will find a number of links to make your life easier during the summer semester.

Important university-related websites

FAU-Homepage The FAU website, where you can find all the latest news about the university.

This subpage will probably be particularly helpful: What international students should keep in mind at FAU.

Universiy Library The website of the University Library. Essential for literature research.

STUVE Student Representation At STUVE you will find all the student representatives, a number of working groups and, in general, student participation in university politics.

IT Regionales Rechenzentrum Erlangen The site for all things technical and digital at FAU.

Instructions for important programmes

Living in the area

The most important places to go in Erlangen (For example, city hall)

Student Discounts A list of the discounts you can find in the area.

Mensa Take-Out If you get hungry.

If you want to experience something, here are the events in the area:

Events in Nürnberg

Events in Fürth

Events in Erlangen

Using Public Transfer

VGN Here you will find the local transport timetable and some excursion destinations. It also tells you which discounts you are entitled to with your ticket.

DB For travelling by train. We recommend downloading the app directly, it makes things considerably easier.