A1 – Metalexicography


The EMLex offers a diverse spectrum of teachers & lecturers from around the globe. This course will be held by:

Prof. Dr. Rufus H. Gouws

Stellenbosch University

Dr. Zita Hollós, habil.

Károli Gáspár University


In this module the focus is on the foundations of metalexicography and dictionary research. The aim is to present a variety of aspects from the domain of metalexicography and to show the interactive relation between theory and practice. Topics to be treated in this module include:

  • Lexicography and society
  • Theory and practice in lexicography: terminological explanations
  • Lexicography as art
  • Function theory
  • The frame structure
  • Outer texts and inner texts: front and back matter texts
  • Access structures
  • Outer and inner access structures
  • Online dictionaries: search strings, search routes, navigation, structures
  • Lexicography and dictionary research: addressees, dictionary functions, dictionary subject matter and dictionary form
  • Methods in lexicography: Text theory and theory regarding procedures as basis of dictionary research
  • Macrostructures: alphabetical and thematic macrostructures
  • Nesting and niching
  • Microstructure: theory
  • Lexicographic items in print and online dictionaries

Please see the module description for further information.


General information:

Time frame
15.03.- 19.03.
Room on Zoom
Evaluation method  written exam in German (Hollós) / written assignment (Gouws)
Teaching language English and German

Information on the EMLex 2021 Summer school:

Practical arrangements: Participants will receive a detailed programme of the different lectures as well as the required preparation, readings and topics for the eventual assignments. During the teaching week lectures will be supplemented by general group discussions. There will also be an opportunity for individual discussions of the envisaged assignments.

Certificate: Towards the end of the teaching week there will be a test. All students also have to submit an assignment by the end of May 2021. Students who have completed the lecture week, the test and the assignment will receive an EMLex participation certificate.



Time/day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-10:30 Gouws Gouws Schierholz (A5) (9:00-11:00) Hollós Hollós
11:00-12:30 Gouws Gouws Hollós Hollós
lunch break
2:00-3:30 Gouws Gouws Hollós Hollós
4:00-5:30 Gouws Hollós